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How your structured settlement can help you

The post-settlement program, how to protect and secure your finances Some people think that selling some or all of their future structured settlement/annuity payments is not for them. And realistically that is true; it isn’t always the right move for everyone. However, exchanging part of your future payment stream for a more immediate lump sum

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Glossary of terms

Annuitant:  the individual on whose life the annuity is purchased.  Also known as the claimant, plaintiff, measuring life, employee, releasor, injured party. Annuity:  a contract issued by a life insurance company funding the fixed, periodic payments an individual will receive for a lifetime or a certain period of time. Assignee:  the third-party company, usually affiliated

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What To Look For In a Company

The decision to sell your Structured Settlement or Annuity could be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. So you really need to make sure to do your homework when it comes to settling on the factoring company you want to basically “get into business” with. A quick google search

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Should I Sell My Payments?

Selling your structured settlement or future annuity payments can be a daunting and unnerving process. Determining whether or not you should sell in the first place is entirely personal and can be based on a number of factors. Whether you are hoping to buy a house, pay off debt, or start a business, selling

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Purchasing a Vehicle

Selling your payments to buy a car Life doesn’t stop because your car stops. If you know you can’t rely on your vehicle to live the life you want to live – like getting to work on time and being able to spend time with family – then it’s probably time to get

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